This course will help you prepare your Kony Back-end Developer Associate badge. It will help you apply the foundational concepts in Kony Fabric to connect your app to back-end data and services. This course is part of the Kony Back-end Developer Learning Path.   Read More

After completing this course, you will be able to use Kony Visualizer Starter Edition 8 to the fullest extent possible to create high-quality prototypes for B2C, B2B and B2E mobile apps. The purpose of this course is to help you prepare for the Designer "Certified Expert" badge.                                                                   This course is part of the Kony Designer Learning Path: Read More

After completing the course "Designer - Getting Started: Creating and Publishing an App Prototype (version 8)" you should now have a working app preview of the Kony Travel App. To earn your Professional Designer badge, follow these three easy steps: Change the name in the hamburger menu of the app to YOUR name Publish your app preview Send us the app preview code NOTE: There is a known issue with the Marketplace Login component on iOS. If you have an Android device, you can get started right away! But if you have an iOS device, it's best to check back every once in a while to see if the issue has been resolved. Sorry about that! This course is part of the Kony Designer Learning Path:   Read More

This course will help you prepare your Kony Front-end Developer Associate badge. It will help you apply the foundational concepts in Kony Visualizer Enterprise Edition to develop a multi-platform mobile app. This course is part of the Kony Front-end Developer Learning Path:   Read More

Welcome to JavaScript Tutorial. Though you are familiar with JavaScript coding concepts, this course will enable you to review the basics of JavaScript - before you attend the Kony Developer Bootcamp training. Please note that this training module is not supported with voice-over. While you take this course, you will notice buttons or clickable items on the screen, make sure to click these for more information of the corresponding concept! Once you have visited all the screen elements, you can click the Next button on the screen to proceed. Read More

DBX Retail Banking 4.1 Learning Path covers the following modules. Functional Walkthrough of Online Banking (OLB), Mobile Banking (MB) and Customer 360 Model Driven Architecture – Business Delegator Pattern Digital Banking Platform Services for OLB, MB and Customer 360 OLB, MB Code Walkthrough for Login, Accounts, Locate Us, Payments and Transfers flow Customer 360 Code Walkthrough for Login, Dashboard Screen, Locations and Privacy Policy flow App Implementation Guidelines NOTE: All the resources files are available within the learning path - "DBX 4.1 - Training Resources" Read More

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