This course covers the various important features released in Version 8.4. Build and Publish Apps Using Cloud for Native and Web in Visualizer Starter In-App Preview in Visualizer Starter NFI Support in Visualizer Starter Debugging Support for Native Apps in Visualizer Starter Project Settings Enhancements in Visualizer Starter Offline Objects Support for SPA/Desktop Web Offline Objects API Enhancements Data Panel Enhancements Support for SAP JCo Alerts for Service Performance & Notifications Read More

Staying Current And Building World Class Applications With Kony. This is the recording of Kony's Customer Success webinar from June 2017. During this seminar, customers learned the themes and capabilities of the latest version of Kony's platform. Based on this information, customers can determine how they can best benefit from upgrading to the latest version, and how Kony can help. Read More

Kony Platform 6.5 End-of-life. The goal of this webinar is to help you with the transition of Kony Platform 6.5. We encourage all our customers on this version or previous versions to register and watch this recording, as this will be a great opportunity to get information regarding the latest version of the Kony Platform and learn more about the upgrade process. Read More

The 25-minute webinar will walk you through the goals of a Kony AppFactory. It will discuss the most important aspects of an AppFactory and show short demonstrations of how the Kony Platform fits into the combination of People - Process - Technology to deliver apps at scale. Read More

RequireJS course covers the following topics - Features and Benefits Configuration Options, AMD Concept Benefits of implementing AMD concepts and RequireJS in Kony context Read More

This course is exclusively designed for "The Computer Workshop" to provide the copyrighted content. Read More

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